SANY Global Dealer Meet 2021

On March 16th, 2021, SANY hosted the Global Dealer Summit 2021 at SANY’s international headquarters in Changsha, China. The themes of the summit focused on cooperation, innovation, and win-win campaigns. For the first time, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s summit took the form of a streamed online event, connecting with global dealers who were unable to attend the summit in person. 


Mr. Xiang Wenbo, President of SANY Heavy Industry, Mr. Xu Qingwei, Managing Director of SANY International Headquarters, Mr. Tang Jianguo, Deputy Managing Director of SANY International Headquarter, Mr. Zhu Jinsong, Deputy Managing Director of Sany international headquarters, Mr. He Yuan, Marketing&Sales Director of SANY International Headquarters, Mr. Liu Wei, Managing Director of the Sales&Marketing Division of SANY Crane Business Unit, attended the summit and addressed representatives from over 200 global dealers watching the event online.

The year 2020, hit by the pandemic, saw a 27% reduction in the global market for construction machinery. However, as Managing Director of SANY International Headquarters Mr. Xu Qingwei commented in his speech, despite the challenges and difficulties, SANY’s internationalization strategy proved on a right track, evidenced by the fact that SANY’s global businesses maintained steady growth in the context of the pandemic, achieving an increase of 3% y-o-y in sales topping $2.4 billion. According to Mr. Xu, additional incentive policies are to be introduced in order to facilitate and inspire global dealers, who are the main participants and actioners in SANY’s internationalization blueprint. 

Mr. Zhu Jinsong addressed SANY’s digitization, sharing about SANY’s latest digital applications including equipment interconnections, use of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and cloud computing.

SANY’s annual Global Dealer Summit is a festival of harvest overseas. In the acknowledgment of outstanding achievements and contributions made by SANY global dealers in the past year of uncertainty, 8 kinds of awards were presented online to 61 winning dealers. These awards included: Top Sales, Best Regional Sales, Sales Boost, Best Rookie of Year, Outstanding Service, Service Resource Investment, Pandemic Relief, and Branding Promotion. In addition to recognizing the top performers, lottery games throughout the summit won many lucky dealers' delicate and commemorative gifts.     

In his concluding speech of the summit, President Xiang Wenbo praised dealers for the growth of sales achieved in the year of the pandemic.  Expressing his resolve to turn SANY into a real internationalized enterprise, he put forward a slogan of “creating a new SANY out of China in a few years”, or in a quantified expression, achieving annual sales revenue of USD 10 billion in overseas markets in 3-5 years. To achieve this goal, he emphasized the continuation of SANY’s internationalization and digitization strategy and called for a better R&D and service capability.

Informative, commemorative, and full of gratitude, SANY’s digital Global Dealer Summit 2021 marks a milestone in SANY’s journey of internationalization. 


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