Efficient equipment management is very important to reduce costs and improve productivity.

AL BADI offers various types of services for customer convenience and better productivity: Spare parts, Service, Maintenance, Training and Manuals.

Equipped with high-value technical knowledge on Parts and Service, the After-Sales & Service Team, is always ready to take part on customers concerns and inquiries and provide appropriate information to help customers to better understand their equipments needs to be more efficient and more productive.

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Unmaintained construction equipment can lose value over time. The goal of repairing parts and performing regular maintenance is to maximize your end profit. Replacing worn-out parts on the spot will:

  • Improve the uptime of your heavy equipment

  • Reduce overall operating costs

  • Allow for a superior level of performance

When one part of your heavy equipment machine fails, other parts have the potential to become damaged as well. Reducing the risk of component failure will diminish safety hazards to equipment operators, products and the machine itself.

Our team of experienced and constantly trained technicians inspect and troubleshoot as per the latest SANY safety and technical standards. Our fully-equipped workshop in Ghala is capable of carrying out all sorts of maintenance, repairs and checks. We also offer service and maintenance packages as per your business needs.


AL BADI also provides comprehensive TECHNICAL TRAINING for Operators on or off-site equipping them with high-level machine operation and maintenance skills. This can be new equipment induction, technology upgrades training, new personnel training or simply refreshing and building experience. Our expert-led training sessions ensure that your Operators master skills to help them operate machines safely and efficiently so as to maximize job-site productivity.

As you would expect, all SANY equipment has a complete suite of operational and maintenance MANUALS and equipment TECHNICAL DATA to ensure you have information at your convenience.

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