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SANY truck machinery could meet all your requirements if you are looking for efficient, reliable and robust machines and low operation cost .It covers different field of construction, civil defence, petroleum drilling and mining. The off-highway mining trucks, fire trucks, dump trucks and fracking units are the main features of truck industry. SANY mining truck delivers high safety, reliability, durability, comfort standards and low cost. The different types of fire trucks meet the requirement of fire rescue with high end technology of safety, security and risk free operation with remote control system. Sany dump trucks receives high appraisal as beautician for the city. It includes main features like Route control and planning which is automatically input in the vehicle-mounted Beidou system.

Sany prime mover adopts the Wechai motor (500 hp), the fast 16-speed gear box and the Hande 16t axle, so vehicle has strong power, smooth control and excellent speed-up performance. With a high roof and half cabin, the bumper and chassis attachments of the tractor are more 500nm from the ground. Since the approach angle, the ground clearance is high, the grounding pressure is small, and so the trafficability is good. It is equipped with desert air filter and large radiator so that it could be applied under dusty desert in high temperature. The frame applies 300 (8+7+8) steel plate with high stiffness, matched with 9t small drop front axle, 16t Mercedes rear axle and 12.00R24 large pattern engineering tires. So the tractor has strong bearing capacity.

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